Uncertainty Road

We’re now into the single digit countdown to the first big Airstream voyage. It’s been a pretty interesting journey to get here, and by interesting I mean extremely frustrating. Since the purchase of said Airstream, life has been stressful to say the least. It seems it’s been a fulltime job to deal with all the repairs that should never have come attached to owning a brand new RV. They represent freedom and fun, so I guess I imagined it would have gone much differently than this. And maybe therein lies the problem. Life is full of so much expectation – which is basically control. The bottom line is that there is no such thing as control. When it comes to things going wrong in our life, things that have spun ‘out of control’ maybe we should just stop and think about what control really is.

Control is fear, to compensate we feel we need more power – and where has that gotten us?

Modern humans seem to have been born with this defect and it’s been leading to our inevitable demise. Slavery, environmental destruction, cloning, genetically modified food…the list goes on.

Surprisingly, there is actually a feeling of freedom when participating in non-control. There is no attachment, no judgment and no expectations. Everything, everyone and every place on this planet are all created equal. There is no good vs. bad, right vs. wrong – therefore outcomes don’t matter. Whatever happens, just IS. If we continue to place judgment (even on outcomes) then we still believe in this sense of ‘control’ and stressing ourselves about something we have no control over – ‘this’ has to happen in order for me to be to be happy.

We are looking for things externally to make us happy when all we need is what we are born with – our roots to the planet, when deeply planted will give us all the strength we need.

The bamboo plant is an extraordinary living being. As with all plants life starts from a seed. As it is watered the roots grow very deep for four years. After four years the plants burst forth very rapidly and grow to about 80 feet almost overnight.

May 1, 2012

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