Lisa is from deep in the heart of Suburbia, in southern Ontario (and barely escaped with her life and individuality in tact). She’s spent much of her life writing and playing music across North America – in bands ranging from screaming hard rock to acoustic. The travel bug not only bit her at a very young age, but it also seems to have given her some sort of genetic mutation in which she needs to be traveling most of the time or she will fall ill from “too much status quo”. Trained and certified to save your life, on land or in the water, she tries to use these skills for good (and not evil). She currently lives in a remote town, nestled deep in the rainforest of Vancouver Island but spends as much time as she can in the dry heat of the California desert. Her travels have taken her to many out of the way places – huge cities and everywhere in between.

For a brief time she had the honor of being a rat mama to seven beautiful girls and two handsome boys: Awe:ri, Ohna, Osha, Jello, Pudding, Luna, Snow Pea, Oliver and Lincoln 🐀. Lisa is a medical herbal student, a volunteer firefighter and lives her ravishingly good looking husband (who also wrote this bio) Paul.