Trust Your Journey (Sedona, Arizona)

We’ve been in Sedona for a few days now but I’ve unfortunately caught a bit of a bug so I’ve been spending most of it in a hotel room. Today is the first day that I’ve felt almost human again. First agenda – get outside!

We went for a beautiful walk around Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte early this morning, and then checked out Chapel of the Holy Cross which is a tiny church built into the red rocks. I picked up a St. Christopher coin for the car (being the patron saint of travel I thought it would be appropriate to have for all future journeys). My mother swore that having one saved my dads life on a few occasions.

When the sun hit high noon it was time for some shade and we drove up to Tlaquepaque, a cute little shopping plaza with local crafts, souvenirs and restaurants. I wandered into a clothing shop and stumbled across a t-shirt with a super inspirational quote and an even more inspiring story behind it. It said, “Wherever life takes you – Trust Your Journey”. The company is run by two women who have been through some devastating times and managed to get through their experiences because of that quote. Before even reading their story I was inspired. It was exactly what I needed to hear.

They say that sometimes it’s the simplest things that get us through our toughest moments.

When I look back on my life, I can say that has definitely been the case for me. Hearing their story also put what is important in life back into perspective. Sometimes we need to be reminded of all the blessings we have and not take things for granted. And in those times when we feel we’ve lost our way, we need to trust that life is giving us exactly what we need.

May 18, 2012

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