Road Trip 2012 – Part Two

Finally! The desert! We happily left the cold and rain and headed off to meet up with our friends Devon & Jade in Moab. It started off in typical Moab fashion – BUSY! We had nowhere to stay because the plan was to camp and there were no sites available. They were generous enough to share their motel room ‘foyer’ with us and managed to creep in some shots too ;)

The following day after a bit of waiting, we managed to get a sweet campsite along the Colorado River for a couple nights. Hearing the mystical ‘screaming goat’ was amazing! Seriously, it’s Moab’s version of Bigfoot.

For years we wanted to check out Monument Valley, so we packed up camp and headed to Arizona! All the pictures in the world can not describe the beauty and sacredness of this place.

Sedona was later that afternoon and it was still just as beautiful as I remembered. It was there that I discovered an amazing company making inspiring clothing and jewelry. The simple message they’re spreading is ‘Trust Your Journey’. Sometimes it’s the little things that get you where you need to go.

We left our little convoy and met up with our friend Richard in Williams AZ. He’s a Grand Canyon tour guide and offered to show us some sweet hikes in the park. Where do I start… Oh yeah, CONDORS! I’ve been waiting to see a Condor for SO long. Finally the day came and not only did I see one, but THREE! It was a perfect day.

Great Sand Dunes National Park was a real diamond in the rough, something we happened to see on the map Denver bound that sounded cool – indeed it was. A beautiful area once inhabited by American Buffalo still inherits the magic of that freedom.

Finally on this leg of the journey, we drove up the highest paved road in North America – Mt Evans CO @ 14, 265 ft. We saw Yellow-Bellied Marmots, Mountain Goats and Pikas with a backdrop of sunshine mixed with snowfall and lightening storms.

Next, we’re off to Southern Ontario for some family time…

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July 23, 2012

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