Road Trip 2012 – Part One

I’ve been on quite the epic three month road trip. So much has happened that I needed to make this a five part post. I’d like to do something a bit different and highlight some extra photos – honestly, it can probably tell you a lot more about this trip than I can in words.

The overall theme of this trip I believe was ‘less is more’. It started out by finally making the decision to sell our leaky Airstream and hit the road burden free. We made our way out from Tofino to Victoria BC and found a perfect place to view the ‘Super Moon’ from the harbor. The event was breathtaking!

From there we perfected our minimalistic travels by ‘upgrading’ to a super sleek and light MEC tent. Stoked with our purchase we decided to test out our new digs in a hotel room before hitting the road.

Obviously, the first main stop on our trip is to visit our buddy Starman. He lives in Seabeck WA on StillPointe Llama Sanctuary and loves to see us drive in the main gates with strawberries, carrots and peanuts. This time around I got to take Starman for a walk – which is a HUGE step from first meeting him when we was terrified of humans. He’s still a bit timid but secretly always looking for a friendly face to feed him tasty treats.

Next stop…Moab!

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July 21, 2012

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