Species Jenga

I had a conversation with a stranger the other day. She said something that I’ve heard many times before but never really put much thought into, until now. Her exact words were “We’re at the top of the heap”. Most of the time it’s said “We’re at the top of the food chain” but either way, I knew what she meant. The problem is, I completely disagree.

To even think this causes so much suffering, abuse, lack of compassion and disregard for life. All life on this planet is sitting in a game of Jenga, and every single piece is needed for that structure to remain standing. When we treat one species as less than us, and we destroy them either knowingly or as a by-product of our greed, another block gets taken away. No matter where we think we are in the food chain, the heap, or in our little game of Jenga – when enough pieces get pulled away, we’re gonna fall too. If your ego wants to keep you at the top, you’re going to fall the hardest.

October 23, 2012

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Katie, I’m glad you liked this! It is such a struggle to find the balance with all the technology out there and the new stuff that is constantly evolving. You really have to ask yourself if it is worth having the newest thing and if you really need it. At what point does it become too much and too much of an intrusion. It is so important to live your life intedenpendly from these virtual connections. Remember 10 or so years ago when it wasn’t such a big deal?


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