Heart & Skin

Just recently, Paul and I adopted two baby rats, Awe:ri and Ohna’. Awe:ri means heart in Mohawk and we chose this name because of the little brown fur heart she has on her back. Ohna’ means skin in Mohawk and she is a hairless. We fell in love with these two sisters the second we saw them and were so excited to introduce them to our friends when we got home. The reaction to them was anything but welcoming. Most people were a cross between disgusted and horrified and as their new guardians, Paul and I were shocked and hurt. Not only are they social, playful and each have their own little personality, they are so affectionate and are always looking to be loved.

I think people need to have a bit more understanding and a lot more compassion about the world we live in and for the amazing creatures we share this planet with. Next time you get sick and need medicine, think about all those laboratory rats suffering in tortured conditions who may have just saved your life.

We are more connected than you think.

September 5, 2012

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Thank you ladies – as a proud ‘mama’ I couldn’t agree more!


who couldn’t love those little faces!!!


Sigh. The way we treat other animals saddens me. How we have forgotten that we have so much to learn from our companions escapes me. May our hearts open to all creatures beauty and wisdom.
PS. I love your rats! Those babies beam with love. Thank you.


Thank you both. I can’t imagine how anyone could harm such loving Beings. It’s been so amazing to have them in our lives and to see how much joy they bring to our home.


While I can’t see myself having rats as family members, I’m so glad you and Paul were there to take them into your home and hearts. They are beautiful little creatures deserving of our compassion and care, and anyone who believes otherwise can get lost. I understand there is a stigma attached to having rats in their homes, but seeing people help any animal in need makes my heart swell 3 sizes. It is nice to know that there are still kind souls out there willing to help and care for any being in need.


Awesome article. The only repulse I feel is by human animals who think it’s okay to exploit animals for every single thing we use and who would rather look the other way when you try to show them how complicit they are in it.


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