Goodnight Sun, Goodnight Moon

It’s time to get out on the road again. Time to visit with friends and begin to heal.


Today I dusted off my favorite 2012 Road Atlas. It was the one I used to plan the last big road trip that ended up lasting three months. It was the trip that inspired this blog. When I picked it up from underneath the front passenger seat in my Xterra, a piece of paper fell out from it that had the words ‘Solar Eclipse’ on it. I had a strange feeling, knowing that this was somehow meant for me at that exact time. I jumped online right away to check out recent solar eclipse activity. The last one was on September 1, the day Osha died. I felt like it was her way of saying it’s okay for me to move on to my next adventure in life and that she will be with me.

Osha’s sister Luna, named in part because she was so crazy and full of energy as a baby, and for her bright white moon-like body. Even her face with its dark patches looked like the spots you see on the moons surface when it is full. Seemingly honoring her name, she passed away on August 18, the last full moon. As I look up into the sky at tonight’s harvest moon, I know she will also be with me.

Forever my sun. Forever my moon.


September 16, 2016

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